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213 N. Patrick Street, Dublin, TX 76446

I am OBSESSED with Real Estate. I LOVE every aspect of it. I love marketing, I love modern technology, I love helping clients, and I love how I am CONSTANTLY trying to GET BETTER. When other realtors are out golfing or on the lake, I am watching webinars and TRAINING from other TOP AGENTS around the country. I don't do it because I think I need to, I do it because I AM OBSESSED WITH BEING THE BEST option available. I WILL NOT SETTLE for 2nd best, ever.

To me, LISTING property is an art form, YOUR property is like my canvas and I am going to look at every angle of that canvas as I formulate the PERFECT PLAN to market your property in today's ultra competitive real estate marketplace. If your realtor is relying on what worked yesterday, IT PROBABLY WONT WORK today as things are CONSTANTLY changing in the real estate industry.


As a SELLER, you don't want your neighbor to get better representation than you do, so don't hire YESTERDAYS news, YESTERSDAYS realtor that is still relying on YESTERDAYS approaches. It likely won't work, more than likely you won't get as much as you can for your property. Simple math, simple fact.

When you hire me you aren't hiring another AVERAGE realtor, you are hiring a REAL ESTATE SERVICE. I am a leader in Digital Marketing, I leverage both my expertise of the market along with technology to provide the BEST PLATFORM for you to sell your property for AS MUCH AS YOU CAN GET, AS FAST AS YOU CAN GET IT.

If you are looking for the only realtor you will ever want to use again...if you are looking for the only realtor that you will ever feel comfortable referring to a friend or family member...visit my website at, call me at 254-485-7177, or email me at BOTTOM LINE, don't settle for 2nd best, call me today.